Unnecessary hazard of surgical glove powder

14 févr., 2017
Interactive module on the unnecessary hazard of surgical glove powder
20 min

Did you know that powder from some surgical gloves creates a health hazard for you, your patients and staff? The many published facts about glove corn-starch powder – and how it induces adhesion formation that causes wound infections – have caused a shift away from powdered gloves. Latex proteins binding with glove powder is another documented risk – especially when it becomes airborne as gloves are removed from the package, donned, or removed from the hands. These airborne latex proteins can be life-threatening to latex-sensitive patients and staff at risk of an allergic reaction.1

You can stay informed and up-to-date with this training, which includes:
• a review of the recent proposed FDA ban on powdered surgical gloves
• a discussion of how powder is transferred throughout a hospital
• an overview of risks and economic implications associated with powdered gloves

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Document for download 

 Top 10 reasons not to use powdered gloves (232 kB pdf, opens in a new window)

 Glove powder-an unnecessary hazard (199 kB pdf, opens in a new window)



1. Edlich RF, Long WB, Gubler DK, et al. Dangers of Cornstarch Powder on Medical Gloves: Seeking a Solution. Ann Plast Surg. 2009; 63: 822-826